Optus Webmail How To Access Optus Webmail Easily

Optus Webmail is a free email service where you get your own username@optuswebmail.com.au which you can use in your PC, Tablet or in mobile phone device.

Optus Webmail

About Optus Webmail

Optus webmail is a secured email that allows you to access quickly to any email or any important files with my Optus webmail email you will send, receive, forward, delete or save emails from your Optus email account.

Optus is very secure and one of the best services in Australia when it comes to security everyone prefers using this Optus mail-in Australia.

You can learn a lot from Optus which is a very good thing as compared to others your study email files will keep secure.

Optus Webmail Login

Here are a few simple steps to access your webmail.

  1. first of all, Open This Link
  2. Then you will be redirected to the Optus login page.
  3. optus webmail login
  4. Write your Optus email address & password then tap on login
  5. Simple

There are two security methods one of them is Standard & one is Secure 

We will always prefer to use a secure method to log in to your Optus webmail account.

Don’t Have an Account?

If you don’t have the account you can also create one for yourself below the login you will see Registration.

After going to the registration page you will need to enter your Email address & your date of birth & then tap on next.

Now you have registered your account successfully.

How To Change Optus Webmail Password?

Follow these steps given below to change your webmail password easily.

  • First of all, login with your account username, not by your service number so, if you don’t remember your account username then follow this link.
  • Now just navigate to Your Services choose the significant service tap on Settings.
  • So, Now just navigate to the My Optus Email account, Click on manage accounts.
  • Now click to generate the new password against the email account which you need to reset the password
  • After that, a temporary password will be sent to your mobile number which is listed in your my account
  • So, If you don’t have any mobile number attached to your account then the temporary password will be sent to your email address.
  • If the email account which is same as you listed in your account then updated your contact number in My Account

How To Change Your Temporary Password?

  1. Now login to the OptusNet Webmail by using your temporary password
  2. Open new tap & login again into My Account & navigate to My Optus Email account
  3. Now click on the change password on the email account on which you need to set a permanent password.
  4. In the current password field enter your temporary password
  5. So, now enter your new password into the new password field and then re-enter your password
  6. And tap on the change password so, after that you can log into your Optus Webmail account with your password.

How Can I Check My Optus Plan?

Here are some live 24/7 available

  • You can check your balance & check your usage my going into My Account.
  • You can also get message alerts after usage but on compatible plans only
  • Check your balance via the SMS write 1 for balance & 2 for the usage and send it to 9999
  • Check your account balance by calling 1509
  • Last but not least download My Optus app

How Do I Setup The Optus Webmail in Windows 10?

If you want to set up your Optus webmail in your windows 10 mail then follow these steps below to run the Optus in windows.

Step 1: first of all, open the windows 10 mail & select the accounts or you will see an option Add Account

add accounts windows 10

Step 2: After that go below and you will see an option Advance Setup option click on it.

advance setup

Step 3: Now select the account type “Internet Email

internet email

Step 4:

  • Enter your Email Address in the email & username fields
  • Enter your webmail password
  • Set your account, for example, My Optus Webmail
  • Enter your name in the send message field
  • For the incoming server enter the mail.optusnet.com.au
  • Now on the account type choose, IMAP4
  • In Outgoing (STMP) email server field, enter the mail.optusnet.com.au
  • Check all of the information that you have entered is correct then press on the sign-in

all done successfully

Congratulations now you have been successfully signed in your webmail in windows 10 mail.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow to sign in in the windows 10 mail.


Optus webmail is one of the safest webmail as considered to others there are a lot of other webmails available but Optus comes with top-notch security.

For more visit https://myoptuswebmail.com/